5 Benefits for Singapore Residents who are affected by COVID-19, Freelance / Gig Workers

Affected by COVID-19? Are you a Freelance / Gig Worker in Singapore? Here’s 5 Benefits for You.


Singapore’s Resilience Budget to add S$48 Billion, thus, together with the S$6.4 billion announced in Budget 2020 last month, Singapore will be setting aside S$54.4 Billion (USD 37.8 Billion).

1) Cash Payout
All adult Singaporeans aged 21 & above will receive between S$300 and S$900 depending on their income level.

2) Income Relief
SEP Income Relief Scheme (SIRS) to support eligible Singaporean Self Employed Personnels will receive $1,000 a month for 9 months

3) Paid to Learn & Upskill
A $48 Million SEP Training Support Scheme (till end-2020) to provide enhanced training allowance rate of $10 per hour and Sustained support for 200,000 eligible SEPs to make use of downtime to train and upskill.

4) COVID-19 Support Grant
Cash grant of S$800 per month for 3 months for low and middle-income Singaporeans who lost their jobs due to COVID-19

5) Job Opportunities
SGUnited Jobs initiative to create about 10,000 jobs over the next one year will start with the public sector recruiting for longer-term roles in essential services as well as short-term, temporary jobs. For those who lose job amid COVID-19 outbreak, a cash grant of $800 a month for three months will be provided while they search for a job or attend training. SGUnited Jobs virtual career fair will run at SGUnitedJobs.gov.sg

Find out more about Singapore’s Resilience Budget Here : https://www.singaporebudget.gov.sg/budget_2020/resilience-budget#SupplementaryBudgetMeasures

Just good to know:
S$54,400,000,000 / 4,026,200 Residents = S$13,511 per Singapore Resident
(Residents refers to 3,500,900 Citizens + 525,000 Permanent Residents)

ASEAN Youth Organization (AYO) started an ASEAN Gig Fund to support our youth freelancers that are affected by the COVID-19 situation across Southeast Asia caused by the fall in tourism numbers, global travel restrictions and events cancellation.

The funds received will be used to match the earnings made by the Freelancers. ASEAN Gig Fund provides up to USD $100 per freelancer by matching $1 to every $1 earned by the freelancer (via gig work) for up to USD $100. AYO partners would be involved in the identification, assessment, and recommendation of suitable freelancer to AYO for the USD $100 grant.

[For Company / Organization] Support Gig Workforce that are affected by COVID-19 Link: https://bit.ly/agfofficial

[For Individuals in ASEAN] Support Gig Workforce – Are you affected by COVID19? http://bit.ly/aseangigfund

We serve the underprivileged in Southeast Asia and support >100,000 freelancers to date. We are looking for organizations that would like to support this initiative. For more information, please email jayren@aseanyouth.net