Inspiring Optimism T-Shirt

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About the T-Shirt Design:
With the virus spreading greater and greater, it is sometimes difficult to believe that the outcome of it all will be positive, favorable and desirable. Which is why it is important for all of us to stay optimistic. We should keep on inspiring optimism through social media, stay connected with each other and fill our hearts with strength, love and positivity. We are all in this together. The hummingbird is a sign of connection, and adaptability. They are here to remind us to be joyful and that ultimately, connection is what really matters – whether it is with loved ones or a higher power. Hummingbirds can also help lift you up from negativity.

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Hi, I am Alyssia, a student that is currently doing freelance jobs to help support my family’s situation.

These few months have been quite challenging because of the Covid-19 situation. Many businesses have been affected and this also affects me as my job is to design for businesses that caters to the customers. However, businesses are closing their stores and sales have dropped. Hence, it is unlikely for businesses to look for designing needs at the moment. Businesses will be more open to looking for designers only when the situation is better. This is where “business as usual” becomes unusual. As the world is fighting the virus, we have to continue to play our part and look out for each other. It is the spirit of togetherness that we need to have in our country stigmatizing COVID-19 so that we can rise to the occasion and rise to help each other. Thus, this is how i feel and what i think everyone should do during this season.

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