We Are One T-Shirt

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Everyone wants to help each other in the midst of turmoil in order to struggle through a particular life situation. One man can’t support himself going through difficult times, he needs people to help him fight together. It is the season right now in which many people may lose their jobs, people who will be infected with the virus, and many front-line heroes that lose their inspiration. Let’s rally together in this crisis to stand with them, so that we can fight this virus together as a government, nation and the entire world. #standtogether

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Hi, I am Emerald, a student that is doing freelance jobs to support my school and family finance. Because of COVID-19 this year has been quite a difficult situation in the world. Many people are affected by it, a lot of locations and company will be closed down or sales will decrease. From reading the news, our front-line worker suffers hard, some even loses their lives, some people get infected with it, even people who go unemployed, and people who go bankrupt, and so on, it breaks a lot of heart from looking at the negative side of this virus attack that brings a lot of misery to different families. Hence the reason I made this shirt is to tell people who are facing difficulties in this virus time not to be discouraged, or to be pessimistic because the world is behind them! As we will continue to stand beside them to help and be together with them to fight their difficulties! As it’s not meant to be leaving people behind but being with them. It can be an opportunity to shift people’s attitude about this epidemic, that we can stand together and not leave people behind. And this is how I hope the message can get through to everyone this season that they are not alone!

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